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Our Vision

Jupiter Vinyl

Corinne Bohjanen on Vocals, Bass Guitar, & Mandolin

Ed Horey on Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Jen Webster on Vocals, West African Djembe Drum

We take songs that are well-loved, time-honored classics and make them our own. We give them a new twist so that they can be enjoyed all over again with a fresh hip sound. We are a trio that has written original music as well as covered a wide variety of popular songs. We play everything from the Beatles to Radiohead in a unique style of a West African Djembe Drum meets 3-part Harmony meets Laid-Back-Funky-Island Guitar & Bass. We can provide our own quality QSC sound system that can handle 250-500 people. We are also happy to travel lighter and plug into your sound system. We have enough material to entertain for 3 hours. We have played festivals, fundraisers, weddings, corporate & private house parties, various events & venues around Pittsburgh including the PGH Arts Festival, the PGH Marathon, Mr. Smalls Theater, Hard Rock Cafe, Club Cafe & various restaurants/bars around the PGH area. Thank you for considering us for your next event.
We look forward to hearing from you!
-Corinne, Ed, and Jen (aka Jupiter Vinyl)



Corinne and Ed began performing together as Jupiter Vinyl in August 2010. Their music is reminiscent of a modern day Johnny Cash and June Carter. Their new and interesting style grew out of their very different backgrounds.

Ed hails from just south of Pittsburgh, PA, a city that is experiencing an exciting renaissance of music and art. He has studied guitar and piano for over 33 years. Ed runs Paint Can Records an independent record label that’s been producing music since 2002. He’s released several albums ranging from solo classical guitar to indie rock and teaches private guitar and piano lessons. His gifts lie in composing music to lyrics and controlled, yet highly sophisticated, guitar rhythms and riffs to the table.

Corinne, on the other hand, is from the small rural town of Marquette, MI, where she camped, hiked, fished and enjoyed an active lifestyle in the wilderness of the Upper Peninsula. She grew up singing in school musicals, competing in state honors choir competitions and was a member of the University of Michigan Glee Club. Her musical style was also influenced by the summers she spent singing around campfires along the beautiful pristine shores of Lake Superior. Her gifts lie in playing the bass, mandolin, and writing and singing unique harmonies.

In 2012 Jen Webster began performing with Corinne and Ed. The addition of Jen's vocal harmonies and rhythms round out Jupiter Vinyl's upbeat indie pop folk sound. Jen hails from just north of Pittsburgh. She has studied drums, bass, guitar, and vocals for 23 years. She grew up in a house that was always full of music that formed the basis of her musical influences. She enjoyed singing along to folk tunes with her mom.









Jupiter Vinyl's, "Lazy Ash Studio Sessions EP" features 5 songs
performed live at Lazy Ash Studio in the spring of 2018:


Jupiter Vinyl's, "House of God EP" features 3 songs
performed live at Lazy Ash Studio in the spring of 2018:


Jupiter Vinyl's follow up album, "Live" features 11 songs
performed live at the Walnut Grill May 2, 2015:

Jupiter Vinyl's debut album, "Lazy Ash Tree" features
10 original songs by Corinne Bohjanen & Edward J. Horey
as well as 11 original oil paintings by Pittsburgh artist David Wadsworth.

The 12" Vinyl Record, Compact Disc, MP3 Download, and Songbook are available
for purchase directly from Paint Can Records using Paypal.
When you purchase the Vinyl Record, you will also receive
a FREE MP3 Album Download Code located inside the vinyl jacket.
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Nonprofit concert brings together local artists
Published: Point Park Globe, Tuesday, October 8, 2013
By Madison Krupp

Liz Berlin believes there are many talented bands and musicians in Pittsburgh.
As half of the husband and wife duo that owns Mr. Smalls, she often sees these talented people blossom from humble beginnings.
Putting her beliefs into action, Berlin created a nonprofit arm of Mr. Small’s, called Creative. Life. Support, in order to help out up-and-coming bands.

Creative. Life. Support is bringing together acoustic, upbeat and traditionally influenced music to Mr. Small’s Funhouse in Millvale on Oct. 11 for the 2013 Revival Series. This concert features performances by Berlin herself, and other local artists The Hellfire Club, Jupiter Vinyl, Nick Marzock, Polina Kourakina and Freddi Price.

“The purpose of the Revival Series is to enable Pittsburgh bands to get started trying to play larger venues. Each artist gives out tickets for free to their fans, and they get paid based on how many tickets come back through the door,” said Berlin in an interview Sunday evening. 

One of these artists, Jupiter Vinyl, creates a sound that is diverse from many local Pittsburgh bands by keeping it simple.

“Music is a message. You have something to say,” said Corinne Bohjanen of Jupiter Vinyl in an interview Thursday evening.

The dynamic duo Jupiter Vinyl creates a carefree air when they perform. Their harmonies are upbeat in songs like “Picnic.”

Bohjanen, of South Hills, loves conveying her lyrics and playing her soothing, mellow music to an audience full of new faces.

“It’s fun to see people you don’t know or [who] haven’t heard us before,” Bohjanen said.

Edward Horey, guitarist and vocalist for Jupiter Vinyl, agrees and is excited for the Mr. Small’s show.

“When you play for a roomful of strangers, it’s all new to them and you can feel their energy,” said Horey of South Hills.

Another local musician in the concert line-up is Nick Marzock, who pulls inspiration from artists and bands including Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer and Bill Withers. Combining influences from several artists gives him his own acoustic pop brilliance evident in his song “Fast Motion,” as well as other tracks off his album “Lead Me Home.” 

“Some people call it work, [but] I don’t call it work at all. I think it’s just too much fun to call it work,” said Marzock in a phone interview on Tuesday.

The Revival Series bands bring together a combination of exhilarating music and a lively atmosphere. Berlin will play a serene and soulful acoustic set. Artist Freddi Prince dabbles in many genres including blues, jazz and spoken word, according to his website. Polina Kourakina’s music is a beautiful blend of romantic, smooth guitar melodies heard in her songs “Liquor and Wine” and “Harmony.” 

The audience will experience a dramatic change of pace as The Hellfire Club takes the stage. Their traditional rock sound is strong and powerful. The band plays Celtic-influenced music including classic songs and modernized tributes as well as its own music.

Creative. Life. Support provides striving artists with state-of-the-art technology to help enhance their music careers. 
This is an all ages event and will be free for everyone 21 and over. Tickets at the door for anyone under 21 will be $2. The Revival Series is also hosting two other concert events this month. Details for all shows can be found on Mr. Smalls website. 

“It’s a good eclectic mix, and those are always the best kind of shows,” Horey said.

Jupiter Vinyl provide family fun at Millvale Days festival
Published: Pittsburgh Press, September 12, 2013
By Dan Majors / The Pittsburgh Press

Tonight's a family night for Ed Horey and Corinne Bohjanen. They'll grab their guitars and their six children and head to Millvale Days 2013, a festival celebrating the community businesses and residents.
"This year, we're celebrating our 20th annual Millvale Days," said Patricia Hachick of the Millvale Days committee. "There will be food vendors, arts and crafts, carnival rides, live music throughout the day and night. And we'll also have the Keystone State Wrestling Association presenting professional wrestling matches."

Mr. Horey, 35, and Ms. Bohjanen, 38, make up Jupiter Vinyl, an acoustic duo that has been playing local clubs, parties, river cruises and festivals for the past couple of years. This evening, while their kids -- ranging in ages from 3 to 14 -- are scarfing cotton candy and enjoying the rides and booths, Jupiter Vinyl will be playing on the Sedgewick Street stage.
"They're doing a classic car cruise at 7 p.m., and that's right when we're playing," Mr. Horey said.
The sound will be a pleasant mix of familiar covers and retro-folk songs from the couple's own album, produced by Mr. Horey's Paint Can Records. They're hoping it's the start of something big.

Mr. Horey is from Upper St. Clair. Ms. Bohjanen is from Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
"Ed is a classically trained pianist and has been playing the guitar since he was young," Ms. Bohjanen said. "And I was a vocalist with the University of Michigan glee club, and I play a little bit of guitar."
They met while playing in Mars Plastic, a four-piece band that focused on covering songs by other artists. One day in August 2010, they ventured out as a twosome.

"We got an opportunity to play an acoustic gig at Wright's Seafood in Carnegie, and it went really well," Mr. Horey said. "It was the first time we were actually able to hear our voices, because when we played in the cover band, the music was always louder. We really got a sense of how well our vocals blended, harmony-wise.

"Plus, it's easier to get gigs with just two people. You don't have to lug a drum set around, and a whole lot of other opportunities around the city opened up. We started doing just cover songs, playing songs we liked -- but in our own way, rather than in the way of the original artist. That enabled us to learn our craft."

They married in May and live in Mt. Lebanon. They have day jobs with a medical device manufacturer in Bethel Park. They also have distinct roles in the music-making. Ms. Bohjanen writes the lyrics while Mr. Horey works up a melody. They then bring their songs together and smooth out the harmonies.

Tonight's show is their sixth gig in eight days, in venues ranging from an arts festival in Kennerdell to a record store in Lawrenceville.
"Pretty much anywhere where they'd like live music," Mr. Horey said.
Right now, they're setting up their own shows, bringing in a free-lance drummer when the occasion calls for it.
"It's not like we're inundated to the point we have to hire someone [to manage the act]," Mr. Horey said. "Booking agents and managers, you have to get on them just like you have to get on the people running the venues. So we've just cut out the middle man -- at least until it starts to get too crazy."

With the six kids they've brought to the marriage, time management is crucial.
"When the kids aren't here, we're rock stars," Ms. Bohjanen said. "And when the kids are here, we're parents." Millvale Days are open to the public from 6 to 11 p.m. tonight and Friday and 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday. For a complete list of events and vendors, visit the Facebook page for millvaledays2013.

New Releases
Published: Pittsburgh City Paper, January 9, 2013

By Andy Mulkerin

Ten cute folk-y songs from the local duo of Corinne Bohjanen and Edward Horey. Nice songs, performed well and easy on the ears. A guitar-and-bass duo can be a shaky proposition, but these two pull it off well. On CD now, but they're also planning a vinyl version — with a name like that, how could they not? 

“Lazy Ash Tree” Album Review by Ross Barber
Pittsburgh-based acoustic duo Corinne Bohjanan and Edward Horey perform under the name Jupiter Vinyl, and have released an album of simple, upbeat folk pop songs: Lazy Ash Tree. Both Bohjanan and Horey provide the vocals, with Bohjanan accompanying on bass guitar and Horey on acoustic guitar. It’s certainly a stripped down approach - and one many may consider risky - but the duo have the talent and charm to pull it off. With nothing to hide behind, the duo’s vocals, lyrics and performances in general are completely exposed, but both Bohjanan and Horey perform excellently throughout.

The duo has been performing together since August 2010, but in many ways they sound like they have been collaborating for far longer. Lazy Ash Tree is a very comfortable listen – it’s a record that sounds like it was very enjoyable to make, and as a result is very easy to listen to. The tracks are well written, surprisingly varied (for so few instruments) and their harmonies in particular are very unique and often quite challenging and unusual.

Opening with “Magic Soap” we are instantly introduced to what Jupiter Vinyl is all about – charming indie folk that has a very intimate and retro feel. Bohjanan’s lyrics (in this track in particular) bring a smile to your face:

“I know I can’t read it in my horoscope, or in the shower on the magic soap/Even the fortune in my take out dish won’t tell me how to handle this.”

“Plastic Hero” is perhaps one of Lazy Ash Tree’s standout tracks – featuring gorgeous harmonies, quirky-yet-sincere lyrics and an upbeat, toe tapping rhythm; it’s definitely a track that you will be humming for days afterwards. Other standout tracks include the funky, aptly titled “Simple Song,” and the lovely closing track “Picnic.”

One thing that is quite striking about Lazy Ash Tree is how despite there only being two instruments and (for the most part) two voices, it never feels empty or like it is missing anything. Sure, it may be nice to hear some percussion or some strings added in, but they aren’t needed here. Anything else would likely serve as a distraction from the important elements, which are all here.

Jupiter Vinyl is definitely onto something good here. Lazy Ash Tree is full of indie pop/folk gems which are incredibly charming, clever and just very likeable. Bohjanan and Horey are talented songwriters, vocalists and instrumentalists, and deserve all the praise which is bound to be coming their way.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

"Lazy Ash Tree" Album Review by Matheson Kamin
The duo of Corinne Bohjanen and Edward J. Horey make up the band Jupiter Vinyl. With only the bass and the guitar as their instruments, the two musicians seem to be able to produce a wide range of styles in their music to create an ever-changing feel in their songs. The band’s songs run from rock to blues while including a generous amount of folk flavor that acts as glue to the songs to give their sound some familiarity to it.

And while the songs of Jupiter Vinyl contains only the vocals from both Bohjanen and Horey and their guitar and bass, respectively, their new release of Lazy Ash Tree contains a fair amount of production quality to add a little flavor to the sparse instrumentation. Things like vocals crossing back and forth between the left and right channels help keep the album from getting stale.

Lazy Ash Tree, the new release from Jupiter Vinyl, begins with the track “Magic Soap”. The title “Magic Soap” refers to a special bar of cleanser that has the same kind of magic powers as a Magic 8 Ball or a Ouija board- a device that can answer all of life’s little problems. With this concept, the track has lightheartedness to it, as far as the lyrics are concerned. The duo of Corinne Bohjanen and Edward J. Horey create music that has a definite folk-rock feel to it. The strength in the lyrics and the music makes the song very strong and gives the album a very strong beginning.

With the nest track of “Plastic Hero,” the heartedness from “Magic Soap” seems to have stuck around as “Plastic Hero” features lyrics that are fun as they bring back the memories of many people. The words of the song describe the way we seemed to allow our imaginations to run wild as we used to play pretend as youngsters or even while we watched television. Listening to “Plastic Hero” will have the listener thinking back to their childhood. And while Lazy Ash Tree’s first track of “Magic Soap” had a rather strong groove that would qualify as folk-rock, Jupiter Vinyl allows the folk flavor to shine through a little bit more on this track.

The next track of “Dreams from Clouds” is one of the most interesting tracks on Lazy Ash Tree. The lyrics on the track were written by Maya Debski and Jupiter Vinyl wrote the music to create a track that feels very much like poetry set to music. The lyrics about the ways that clouds can affect your mood are matched up well with music that has a very easy feel to it. One of the most interesting things to the music is the fake reverb that happens on the guitar from Edward J. Horey. The reverb actually creates a sitar-like sound behind the music to add a bit of depth to the song. The music, the lyrics from Maya Debski and the four-part harmony created by Corinne Bohjanen and Edward J. Horey all combine to create one of the most beautiful tracks on the release.

The way two people with just a guitar and a bass can change the way the music feels from one track to another is amazing. And Bohjanen and Horey are very good at changing the feel of their music. With their song “Edit,” they take the easy feel of “Dreams from Clouds” and move into music that sounds as if it were influenced by 1950’s Doo Wop music. The fun, bouncy feel of the music on the track sounds as if it would have fit right in with songs that are several decades older.

With the song “Wabash,” Jupiter Vinyl creates a track that feels very true to life. The duo sings a song about living the life of musicians and going out to spend time with other musicians at an open jam session. The simple lyrics feel as if Bohjanen and Horey are telling a story. You can imagine everything taking place just the way they describe.

Once again, the feel of the music changes dramatically on the track “Simple Song”. The music takes on a rather bluesy overtone while the lyrics have a rather easy feel of simplicity to them as described by the title’s track.

The final track on Lazy Ash Tree from Jupiter Vinyl is Treadmill”. The song has a simple, folk-like feel to it. The way the song has been written, it has a slight Lovin’ Spoonful, John Sebastian influence to it. The folk feel of the song helps give the release a soft, easy end to it.

While there isn’t much variety in the makeup of the instrumentation from Jupiter Vinyl on each of the songs from their Lazy Ash Tree release, the way Corinne Bohjanen and Edward J. Horey play the songs is what adds the variety to the album. It is that variety that helps make the album such a pleasure to listen to.
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

"Lazy Ash Tree" Album Review by Justin Kreitzer
Jupiter Vinyl, the Pittsburgh based folk-pop duo made up of bassist and vocalist Corinne Bohjanen and guitarist and vocalist Edward Horey, are set to issue their 2012 debut album, Lazy Ash Tree for the first time on vinyl via Liquid Evergreen Productions/Paint Can Records. Together, the duo creates an upbeat and organic brand of coffee-shop folk-pop with beach blanket rhythms, close-knit Cash and Carter-like male/female vocal melodies and an easy-going vibe that is instantly infectious. They formed in 2010, mostly playing clever cover songs, while building quite a name for themselves with their engaging and exciting live performances before recording this collection of original tunes. 

The vinyl version of the album is highlighted by the captivating oil paintings by Pittsburgh artist David Wadsworth and the larger packaging really brings his striking, folk-art images to life just as the warm vinyl lends to the listening experience as well. 

The album opens with the jaunty, island-esque guitars and stop-start rhythm of “Magic Soap” along with Corinne’s cutesy, nursery rhyme-like vocal pattern that just doesn’t mesh with the heavier, politically-minded lyrical content. That slight misstep aside, “Plastic Hero” follows with a bouncy, acoustic guitar-led rhythm and features some nostalgia-inducing lyrics about plastic action heroes and TV shows along with a bittersweet sentiment for a standout moment. The aptly-titled “Dreams From Clouds” also stands out with a light-as-air atmosphere of dreamy, cloud-scraping vocal harmonies and cascading, lullaby-like guitars. The lyrics to the song were written by guest, Maya Debski while the rest of the album’s lyrics were written by Bohjanen. 

Bohjanen and Horey blend their complementing voices to beautiful effect on the catchy “Edit”, as their vocals take the spotlight, which is ideal since the simple song arrangements seem to lack in variance and are slightly limited by their bass and guitar only setup. On the other hand, it is actually refreshing that they have kept it simple on the album. By not messing with too much extra instrumentation, it allows the duo to better capture the energy and simplicity of their live show on record without distracting from their confident and capable voices. Next, “Jacket” stands out with its melancholic 60’s folk melodies, sounding like a male and female version of Simon & Garfunkel with softly chugging acoustic guitars and a strutting bass line and “Wabash” features a fun sing-along chorus and a harmonious blend of voices that recalls James Taylor and Carole King in all of their glory. “Simple Song” is just that with a head-nodding rhythm, a swaying melody and another wordless sing-along chorus that should easily motivate their live audience to participate. Slowing things down a bit, “Future” is a pretty ode to a lasting love with evocative and touching lines like, “Holding it in like air, suspending it briefly, stealing the moment for ourselves” and “as long as we breathe we’ll be together”. On “Treadmill”, Corinne’s gorgeous, lilting vocals and the snappy rhythm almost make you forget about the mundane details of everyday life that she describes in her poetic lyrics. The ten-song album closes out on a high note with the gently picked guitars and sun-streaked, 60’s pop melodies of “Picnic”. 

With their debut album, Lazy Ash Tree, retro folk duo Jupiter Vinyl has put on permanent record (literally!) their strength as vocalists and songwriters. And even though their live sets are peppered with their own unique spins on songs by such artists as Radiohead and Vampire Weekend, they have chosen to highlight the 60’s folk and 70’s singer-songwriter side of their diverse influences on album but it suits them well and plays to their strengths for a promising debut. 
Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)

"Lazy Ash Tree" Album Review by Simon M.

Pittsburgh two-piece Jupiter Vinyl (Corinne Bohjanen on vocals and bass, Ed Horey on acoustic guitar and vocals) keep things relatively simple on their debut LP. Musically they keep to the guitar / bass template, with both performers taking both lead and backing vocals, though Bohjanen takes the majority of leads – which is fitting, as she writes the words. Their sound, a blend of upbeat folk and sunshine infused indie pop is never less than utterly charming, and is almost guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the most cynical of music fans.

On stage they play a variety of cover material, from Johnny Cash to Radiohead, but for their debut they present only one non-original song, Maya Debski’s “Dreams from Clouds”. It’s not a name I’m familiar with, and have no original version to compare with, but in the hands of Bohjanen and Horey it becomes something quite beautiful and serene. Before that they open proceedings with “Magic Soap”, propelled by Horey’s fierce strum, it’s an irresistible cry for freedom, artistic or otherwise, and wrapped up in just over two exhilarating minutes. Just as good and twice as delightful is “Wabash”, a summer paean to driving south with the windows down. I can’t hear it without kicking off my shoes and cracking a cold one.

Before I sign off, I should mention the presentation, and available formats. Artist David Wadsworth has painted a picture in oils to accompany each song, and they can be seen with the CD edition, which comes in a 100% recycled eco-wallet case, with a 12-page booklet. Additionally, there’s a vinyl edition, which also includes artwork by Wadsworth. Needless to say, downloads are available, too.







All lyrics by Corinne Bohjanen, except "Dreams From Clouds" by Maya Debski
1. Magic Soap
2. Plastic Hero
3. Dreams From Clouds
4. Edit
5. Jacket
6. Wabash
7. Simple Song
8. Future
9. Treadmill
10. Picnic

I know I can’t read it in my horoscope
Or in the shower on the magic soap
Even the fortune in my take out dish
Won’t tell me how to handle this

Why does the whole world think it could tell us what to do

They tell us that our dreams won’t pay the rent
Life can’t be lived in a circus tent
We need to buckle down and do it their way
Everyone has too much to say

I don’t want to hear (I can’t hear)
All your bad advice
I know I can’t read it in my horoscope
Or in the shower on the magic soap
Even the fortune in my take out dish
Won’t tell me how to handle this

Those days waiting for an action figure
A plastic hero battling with a spaceship in the sky
He wasn’t real yet he wasn’t imagined
He was nowhere living in a room that didn’t exist
But somehow just knowing he was there was something

Every day waiting for an actor
A made up character acting in a show about nothing
She wasn’t real yet she wasn’t imagined
She was nowhere living in a room that didn’t exist
But somehow just knowing she was there was something
They took a nonsense world and made it right
Built a real life out of nothing

Turned an imaginary room into their own house of truth
He was nowhere living in a room that didn’t exist
But somehow just knowing he was there was something
She was nowhere living in a room that didn’t exist
But somehow just knowing she was there was something
They were nowhere living in a room that didn’t exist
But somehow just knowing they were there was something real

Soft clouds are gliding leisurely as I look up
So I can dream of memories while they watch me from above

I dream in sorrow and wake up in happiness
Oh what clouds can do to make you happy Oh what clouds can do

Sometimes I get absent minded
Stuck in that magical world of dreams
But dreams can make you want to stay there

Forever but just like clouds you have to keep moving

The picture window is a movie screen
Where you project a lonely scene
In your nightly show of sorrow

Sitting in the dark the TV like candle light
Flickering on the ceiling burning holes in the night
Your nightly show of sorrow

Don’t wanna be in your screenplay
And read from your script anymore
Can’t play the role you’ve written for me
Edit me out

The people in your life are actors in your film
They seem to indulge you as you direct them
In your nightly show of sorrow

I refuse to disappear
Into this drama you have written
Tired of wasting time
Trying to escape
Your nightly show of sorrow


One step closer to new life leaving the old one behind
Pulling it on a sleeve at a time
You wear it walking down the street
Your shield wrapped tight across your chest

Its your jacket of protection jacket of protection
Everyone needs to be saved one way or another
We all have to save each other
The past trails behind it walks in your footsteps
Following as you make the bend you can’t get away from it
So you tuck it in your pocket and take it with you

In your jacket of protection jacket of protection
Everyone needs to be saved one way or another
We all have to save each other
We’re all waiting we’re all just waiting

Its time to embrace the warmth
Your world is thawing now
Turn your face up to the sky
Let your soul be touched by light
And wake up tomorrow with your shoulders bare

Without your jacket of protection jacket of protection
Everyone needs to be saved one way or another
We all have to save each other
We’re all waiting we’re all just waiting

Let’s go out and play tonight
Heading north over the Fort Pitt bridge
Cutting through the city to the south side of town
Set this place to music and make it our own

We all have a story to tell
Pouring our hearts out into our songs
Sharing our music and the night
We all can sing along
Sha la la la la la la la
Sha la la la la la la la la

It’s been a good long night
Toting our guitars to the open mic
Twenty good musicians and some bottles of beer
The night is over and we can’t stay here

Time to take the road back out
Leaving the city and heading south
Through the Wabash tunnel and heading home
We set the south side to music and made it our own

If it’s yes say yes
If it’s no say no

Make make it easy
Take it easy on me

If it’s up it’s up
If it’s down it’s down

Make make it easy
Take it easy on me
Keep it simple

Bah bah
La la
Nah nah nah nah

If it’s yes say yes
If it’s no say no

Make make it easy
Take it easy on me
Keep it simple

Bah bah
La la
Nah nah nah nah

With every breath
Every motion
We draw in
Draw nearer we inhale time

Holding it in like air
Suspending it briefly
Stealing the moment for ourselves

Toward the future
Knowing without a doubt
As long as we breathe
We'll be together

But always we must exhale
And leave our timeless space
Moving forward with each breath

Toward the future
Knowing without a doubt
As long as we breathe
We will be together

Trading time for money
Selling a chance for memories
That will never be made
Too many minutes wasted
On the treadmill of life
Hoping to be paid

See it touch it feel it
Don’t just close your eyes and think of it
Take the time to live it
There’s too much to do
What are you waiting for

Turn off your telephone
Put away your briefcase
No time for the daily grind
Come with me to our picnic spot
Bring a blanket and guitar
We can leave it all behind

Make time to live

(Don’t you) see it (I want to) touch it (can’t you) feel it
Don’t just close your eyes and think of it
Take the time to live it
There’s too much to do
What are you waiting for

City of glass and steel silver rivers down below
On this hilltop above the haze
Is where we have to go
Leaves of many colors provide the cover for the ground
These trees above the city stand so still and make no sound
They tell not of our presence they stand tall over our love
As we watch the real world passing time down below
From our hiding place above

The late sun warms the hillside
And showers everything in light
The warm sun is our blanket
And protection as we hide out in plain site

Below the bridges close the gap
With steel arms extended they pull us toward a time
When all these moments have ended
Hide out hide out in plain site
Though now we come bearing quiet love
It can’t be swept aside no no no
Someday we'll walk the streets down below
With nothing left to hide













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